The 2nd Primary School of Kolindros is a primary school which provides training and education to pupils aged 6-12 years.

  The school enrolled 91 students and 14 teachers serving various specialties (teachers general education, teachers of English, German, Physical Education and Special Education).

  Education in primary school lasts six years and the students are divided into classes:

A?  class of 18 students, second grade 11 students, third grade 19 students, D class 16 students, fifth grade 10 students and sixth grade 17 students.
At our school students are taught Greek Language, Mathematics, History, Physics, Geography, Art, Music, Religious, Social and Political Education, English (students from C. until the Sixth grade), German (students of E. and sixth grade), Gymnastics, Environment Study.


The lessons start 8.10 am and end at 14.00 p.m.

The school operates and Day Department where 30 students of all grades attend classes and prepare for the next day, until 16.15 pm.

Our school is located in Kolindros Pieria, a hilly town with 3500 inhabitants.

In my town there are two primary schools. The building of the 2nd Primary schoolis modern and beautiful, it  is almost at the upper part of the town. There is a wonderful view of the surrounding area and the magnificent natural environment.

The two kindergartens  the 1st and the 2nd share the same space with the primary schools. At the outskirts of the town there  a nursery school, a high school ans a lyceum.

The nearest cities to Kolindros are Thessaloniki at a distance of 49 km, Veria and Katerini at a distance of 35 km. The international motorway provides easy and safe access.
The city of Kolindros is well known for preserving a rich local tradition that results from a long historical past. At the same time the surrounding area is endowed with incomparable natural beauty that seduces the visitor. This tiny spot in the map called Kolindros, possesses a particularly attractive historicity.

Historical evidence from the 10th century describes Kolindros as a bishopric seat, automatically implying the early existence of a well organised regional urban centre. Additional historical reference exists in connection with General Vasilios Voulgaroktonos, who in 1003, having defeated Tsar Samuel, liberated the cities of Kolindros and  Veria.

Various archaeological findings provide additional proof for the millennium long historical presence of this regional urban centre. Several Byzantine churches (Saint George, Saint Demetrius, Saint Theodora etc.) with their grandiose icons, icon screens and manuscripts never cease to impress the visitor. Dominating holy monasteries strengthen the ties between the regional religious elements. The monasteries of Saint Athanassios and Prophet Elias are characteristic examples of the local religious heritage.

However, beyond historical and religious elements, the enchanting landscape, the breathtaking view, the huge gorges, are those features that reveal the region?s distinctive natural beauty.

One should not forget the modern Sports Centre, located at the south-western part of the city, whose exceptional facilities allow numerous sports events to take place every year. A small open theatre at the area?s east end presents culture expressions of local and national production.



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